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    Dear friends,
    I am pleased to announce the upcoming release (June 11th) of BENDING LIGHT, a collection of instrumental works inspired by the amazing Calendar Violin (No.365 by Jonathan Cooper).
    These works represent a huge leap forward for me as a composer and player.  As a performer, I have always relied on accompaniment to feel comfortable, and, as a composer, things like the Bach partitas and Paganini caprices made composing new works for unaccompanied violin rather daunting territory.
    In 2013, however, all of that began to change when an amazing group of supporters rallied around me and commissioned my new violin, Cooper No.365.  I played and played, and began to tap into a voice that I didn't know I had.  Ideas began to take shape, and I began collecting and notating them. Unconsciously, I had waded into new waters.
    The last three years, getting to know this instrument, completing these scores and bringing these pieces to life, have been some of the most challenging and fulfilling of my life.
    Sometimes I feel like my violin has more mass and gravity, than physics should allow. It feels like it has this strange pull, and that light rays going past it actually get bent, like the gravitational lensing of light passing near a galaxy!  This energy begs to be explored deeply, which is why each score for these pieces includes sections which call for extended improvisation.  
    With love and heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped me acquire this amazing instrument - I offer BENDING LIGHT.  Coming June 11th.
    All the best,